School-links is New Zealand’s leading online communications tool for schools and early childhood centres, operating since 2006.

We help connect schools and their families, staff and supporters. We believe in the importance of community engagement in school life, and crucially in the safety and security of staff and students. Since the devastating Christchurch earthquakes and subsequent disasters have raised awareness of the need for no-fail methods of communication in a crisis, we have become recognised leaders in the field of Emergency Response management.

We work with over 540 schools and early childhood centres, providing them with online tools for emergencies, absences, news, and events with parents and caregivers, using email, text and data services.

School-links Community ALERTS Directory

The Community ALERTS Directory has been developed to provide school communities with a centralised resource for accessing important information and updates for events relevant to their communities both nationally and regionally.

Schools share this important community information with parents and caregivers via their school newsletters and emails.

Over the last twelve months our schools have sent approx. 500,000 emails EACH MONTH to their school communities.

How can you get involved?

Organisations provide School-links with appropriate content to be published FREE on the Community ALERTS Directory. This is then accessible via a banner link on participating schools’ community newsletters and emails.

The Community ALERTS banner inserted into each participating school’s news template

Your published news items on the Community ALERTS Directory.

School Newsletter Community Alert

Targeted Community Campaigns

Participating schools push approved public awareness announcements to their community, such as Fire and Emergency NZ’s ‘Check your smoke alarms’ campaign, delivered to parents and caregivers via the School-links news system.

Targeted Community Campaigns are set-up and scheduled for automatic delivery via participating schools throughout the length of each campaign e.g. one announcement per week/fortnight over the length of each campaign.

For more information on campaign options and costs,
please contact or call 0800 333 480.