What do our rivers, streams and lakes mean to you?

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What do our rivers, streams and lakes mean to you? What is your long-term vision for their future? Please tell us, because we’re reviewing the region’s freshwater policies and rules.

We’re running an online survey(external link) to find out what the community thinks. We’re also running public workshops around the region during April.

Taranaki’s rivers, streams and lakes are important on many levels, prized for their cultural, spiritual, environmental, recreational, economic and aesthetic values.

There are many different views about how we should manage and use our freshwater taonga. Our online survey seeks your views on how you value our freshwater bodies, and what we should be aiming to achieve for the future.

The survey and upcoming workshops will feed into our reviews of the Freshwater Plan for Taranaki and the Regional Policy Statement for Taranaki. Together, these policy documents set out how freshwater will be managed going forward.

We aim to develop a long-term vision for freshwater to set a high-level direction as a basis for future policies and rules. We need a vision that’s ambitious yet achievable (that is, difficult but not impossible) and sets a timeframe (30 years, for example).

Take the survey today! Go to our online survey form(external link) 

Public workshops

Come to our workshops to explore the concept of a vision for freshwater. They will be facilitated by Mary Bourke in a constructive and collaborative environment. Each will run for about two hours, to allow time to delve deeply into the subject. Sessions will be held at:

  • Hawera (21 April, 9am-11am)
  • Opunake (21 April, 1pm-3pm)
  • Stratford (22 April, 9am-11am)
  • New Plymouth (22 April, 1pm-3pm)

Registrations are essential.
Go to the freshwater vision workshop registration page