Waste Information

WASTE INFORMATION: UPDATED 11:48 AM 26/07/2021 – Flood-related waste disposal will continue to be free at the Westport transfer station Monday, Tuesday Wednesday.

Over 460 tonnes of waste has been removed by an incredible amount of civil contractors and the New Zealand Defence Force from outside flood affected homes so far. It been a real team effort of locals mucking in for locals with NZDF support. Volunteers are have also been outstanding, helping to move heavy things onto the berms for collection and a whole lot more.
If you see them collecting waste from outside your house, please resist the temptation to help them as they’re equipped with the appropriate protective gear. But feel free to give them a wave, as we’re sure they’d appreciate it!
• Crews will work on clearing Derby St on Monday to remove any hazards from this main school route. Please remove any parked cars to make it easier for crews to get in and out. Traffic management will be in place, but please take another route if possible to avoid delays.
• If waste has already been cleared from your street, please take additional waste to the transfer station so crews can help other areas in need. If you can’t, please contact the Emergency Operations Centre on 0800 768 348 who will arrange volunteers to help.
• The same goes for any hazardous substances, such as paint or batteries, that haven’t been collected. If you come across any waste taped off, please leave it alone to keep you and others safe.
• If you’re still clearing more waste, please continue to separate it, if possible. We recommend talking to your insurance company before removing any building materials from your home. This type of waste is currently not being collected.
• Rubbish collection starts again this week, on ‘week one’ cycle Recycling will also resume for those scheduled for collection next week. For more information check out https://bullerdc.govt.nz/recycling-refuse-in-buller/