Victoria University confirms vaccine mandates on campus

Te Herenga Waka–Victoria University of Wellington will require all staff, students, visitors and contractors to be fully vaccinated to enter its campus from next year.

The mandate will start from Monday, January 31 and will also apply to those participating in all face-to-face university activities.

The university has been considering the issue for some time, and was the first to require double vaccinations for those living and working at its halls of residences.

A recent anonymous survey of 1865 staff members and 2743 students showed the majority of respondents supported mandates.

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In a statement, vice-chancellor Grant Guilford said the decision was “the right response” while Covid-19 existed in the community.

“This decision not only ensures the university meets its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Pastoral Care Code of Practice, it also ensures the safety and wellbeing of our community.”

Details on how the vaccine mandate will be applied are yet to be finalised.

The university conducted a detailed risk assessment, and consulted staff, students, unions and university council members to come to its decision, Guilford said.

The university joins other institutions, including Waikato and Auckland University, implementing mandates.