Tasman District Council water situation update 17 March 2021


Dennis Bush-King, Convenor of the Dry Weather Taskforce, has announced some changes to the current water restrictions.  “While we’ve had good rain in some parts of the district, others are still very dry and we’re introducing these restrictions to manage demand in those areas.”

The Motupiko zone will move to Stage 2 from Monday 22 March while Dovedale will remain at Stage 1. The Rainy River moves immediately to a cease take as required by their resource consent conditions. Restrictions in the Moutere Eastern zone are lifted with immediate effect.

Consent holders in the following Water Management Zones will continue at the following rationing stage (excluding any individual consent specific cuts) effective from Monday 22 March.

Stage 1 – 20% cut in water use 

Dovedale Surface, Dovedale Groundwater.

Stage 2 – 35% cut in water use 


Cease take – 100% cut in water use 


Public reticulated supply restrictions  

The following restrictions will continue for the week starting Monday 22 March.

Phase A restrictions will be in effect for all users on the Dovedale reticulated water supply only.

Residents are not permitted to fill swimming pools, but they can be topped up. Watering grass and lawns is not allowed but as long as you use a hand-held hose you can still water your plants and veggie gardens, wash buildings and cars.

Full details of the restriction phases are available here.