Protect against measles – get immunised today!

Become a Guardian of the Future by getting immunised against measles. Not only will you be protecting yourself against a disease that’s even more contagious than COVID-19, you’ll also be protecting your whānau, your community, and future generations from harm.

Measles is a serious disease that can make you very sick. But getting immunised is easy and free.

Protect the people you care about. Immunise to help stop the spread of measles. It’s free at GPs or participating pharmacies.

Not sure if you’re immunised against measles?  It’s okay to get immunised again.

Where to go for immunisation:

  • GP clinics (ask your practice nurse for a free vaccine).
  • Schools via the free MMR school programme (ask your health nurse).
  • If you’re 16 or older, free immunisation is also available at some pharmacies in Whanganui (visit Unichem, Central City Pharmacy or Countdown Pharmacy).

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