Opinion Piece – Sideline Behaviour

Parents have a huge impact on their children’s sporting experience and play in invaluable role in club and community sports. Where would junior sports be without mums and dads? Who would take the kids back and forth between practices and games, hand out the half time oranges, find the missing shin pad or mouth guard, wash the uniforms, make sure kids arrive on time, be our coaches, referees, apply first aid, or be a club volunteer?

If not for these Mums and Dads to help most community sport just would not exist.  For that we commend and thank you.

But what happens when we see the odd “ugly parent” or the ones who are just a little too passionate – You know the ones.

The ones screaming on the sidelines, yelling abuse at the referee (who is often a child or teen volunteer), challenging the coach or coaching from the sideline, tearing strips off their child for making a mistake, sometimes they storm onto the field or get into an altercation with a parent from the other team.   Often these behaviours are driven from their own adult ego or wanting to win at all costs.

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