Maleme Street Transfer Station closure

Maleme Street Transfer Station will close to the public on 2 August 2021, after our new kerbside collection service has started. The transfer station will remain open to commercial waste companies and account holders only after this time.

The low-lying site is prone to flooding, which has led to an abatement notice being issued in 2017 due to the unacceptable level of contaminants, mostly from vehicles, entering stormwater drains.

Our efforts to reduce the contamination have not been successful and upgrading the site is not financially viable and there is no certainty it would solve the issues.

Also, from July, all households will be provided with a rates-funded kerbside collection service for their rubbish, recycling, glass and food scraps, reducing the need to visit the transfer station. Plus, we’re upgrading Te Maunga Transfer Station.

For garden waste, households can choose to sign up for the council’s garden waste collection. The garden waste bin is a 240L wheelie bin collected either 4-weekly ($60 for the year) or fortnightly ($95 for the year), which works out to be less than $5 per collection*.

Sign up online for the garden waste collection or phone 07 577 7000.

If you have bulky items or excess rubbish, recycling or garden waste you can take these to Te Maunga Transfer Station near Baypark stadium, 12km from Maleme Street. Alternatively, you can contact a private waste collection company to collect excess waste.

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