Gales rattle the capital in typical spring fashion

Winds in excess of 90 kmh have blown for over a third of Wellington days since September (File photo).

Spring winds in the capital made for a rowdy night on Monday with many Wellingtonians waking up to their rubbish and recycling bins redistributed about the neighbourhood.

MetService issued a strong wind warning of gales of up to 120 kmh in exposed places for Wellington and Wairarapa, including the Tararua district on Monday evening.

MetService Meteorologist Mmathapelo Makgabutlane said the high winds were likely to ease by Wednesday evening but return in time for the weekend.

Winds exceeding 90 kmh had been recorded on 21 days of the 77 days since September 1 compared to 17 days over winter.

“There’s a good chance today will be number 22, but Thursday looks like a beautiful day,” Makgabutlane said.

The conditions were typical of this time of year when cold air masses clashed with warmer temperatures from equatorial and tropical latitudes.

“Spring is typically where we see our strongest winds and especially those more prolonged periods of gale-force winds in exposed places,” Makgabutlane said.

Richard MacLean of the Wellington City Council said ‘’there’s a bit of a light zephyr blowing through the city’’ and advised Wellingtonians to take care when out and about.

“Walk, bike, drive and scoot with caution. Tie those trampolines down and secure other loose items around properties,” MacLean said.

Wellingtonians can report any weather-related damage or issues to the council’s contact centre on (04) 499 4444.